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In The Game is building the world's best sports based NFT community.


We are in this for the long haul - supporting the current crop of players from Youth team aspirants to World Champions.

As we hit each milestone we will bring new levels of gameday engagement and added value to our player Managers.


As our digital offering grows we will bring football fans closer to the game with exciting rewards, in-person game day experiences and money can't buy experiences.

So buy your first player, build your team and get involved with the community as we take football NFT ownership to the next level.

Goal Keeper


Handy tips for the most frequent questions.

For a detailed description of game play, rules, roadmap and more - please read the Whitepaper on the Roadmap page.

What is In The Game?

In The Game, is a real life football manager game where Players earn points based on their performance in matches over their entire career!

How many players are there?

Season  1 commenced with 1,078 players listed in Premier League Senior and Youth squads.


For each player, a maximum of 1,000 tokens will be minted over their entire career.

How can I buy a token?

Originally minted player tokens are available for individual sale through this website - check out the Players Page.

Players can also be purchased in bulk through Packs - Packs of 3, 5 and 11 tokens are available on the Buy Packs page.

Players are also available for sale and purchase on the secondary market at  OpenSea -

How many tokens are there?

For each player, a maximum of 1,000 tokens will be minted over their entire career.


Tokens will be minted progressively over each player’s career based on their individual performance, team and Country performance and Transfer movements. 

A maximum of 242,500 individual tokens will be minted in Season 1.

For Tokenomics modelling please refer to the Whitepaper.

How do players earn points?

Players earn points for individual statistics such as an appearance or a goal, as well as team achievements like winning the Champions League or World Cup.

Find out more on the Scoring page.

How much ETH is each point worth?

Each point is worth 0.0001 Ethereum and payouts will be made to Manager wallets at specified intervals during the season.

Current Payout windows:

November 30, 2021

February 28, 2022

May 31, 2022

July 31, 2022

What if my player is on loan?

At the start of the season players may be listed in the squad of a given team and subsequently be loaned from/to another club.

Each token will present the player as belonging to the squad where he is owned if that team is a Premier League team.

If a player is on loan to a Premier League club from a different league, they will be presented as belonging to the Premier League team.

Can I sell a player token?

Yes. In The Game tokens can be resold on NFT marketplace OpenSea.


If an In The Game token is resold, there will be a 10% royalty fee to In The Game. These fees are used to develop the platform and enhance the value of player tokens.

How do I buy Token Packs?

Token Packs can be purchased through this website or on OpenSea.

Token packs purchased through this website will be allocated immediately, minted and transferred to your MetaMask account on OpenSea within 3 business days

Are there different Player Types?

Yes. There are 10 Player Categories, they are:

Youth, Youth Star, Next Star, Star,

Elite, Champion, Mega Champ

Hero, Mega Star, GOAT.

Read the Whitepaper for more Player Category details.

Is there a specific digital wallet needed to purchase a token?

Yes. You will need a non-custodial wallet to be able to purchase an NFT.

In The Game recommends MetaMask -

You will also need to connect your MetaMask wallet to, find out how at this link:

What blockchain is ITG minted on?

In The Game NFTs are minted on ERC-721 compliant contracts deployed to the Ethereum blockchain.


This is recognised as the "gold standard" and most widely-supported format for digital collectibles.

What if my player retires?

When a player retires or moves to a lower-level league not listed as a scoring league by In The Game, payouts will stop, however all tokens will continue as a collectible.

If a retired player becomes a Manager later in his career, he will not be eligible for Manager payouts. A Manager token only will accrue Manager points.

Who pays the gas fees on Payouts?

Managers are responsible for payment of gas fees at each payout window.

Payouts will therefore only be made to wallets with balances owing that exceed the relevant gas fees. If an individual wallet payout is below the prevailing Gas price for transfer, the Payouts for those tokens will be burned.

We will do our best to transact when Gas Fees are low, however Gas fees are volatile and not in the control of In The Game and we accept no liability for movements in gas fees which limit the payout to any given Manager wallet. 

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