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In The Game is the world's best football NFT platform and we have a vision to build the world's best sports based NFT community.

We are starting this journey as real life NFT football manager game where Players earn points based on their performance in matches over their entire career!

But we’re in this for the long haul - supporting the current crop of players from Youth team aspirants to World Champions.

And we will take our community on a journey as well. As we hit each milestone we aim to bring new levels of gameday engagement to our player Managers. As we build our digital offering and bring new levels of in-game NFT play, we also plan to bring football fans closer to the game with exciting rewards, in-person game day experiences and money can't buy experiences.

So buy your first player, build your team and get involved with the community as we take football NFT ownership to the next level.

In The Game - The worlds best football NFT platform!

For a detailed description of the rules, regulations and aspirations of In The Game, please read our whitepaper below:

Download the Whitepaper...


    Token Sell                   Estimated            Milestones and

     Through                         Date                   Feature Sets

   Pre Launch                2021-08-01           Player Career Modelling and Point Scoring Allocation 

   Pre Launch                2021-08-08          NFT Playing Card Graphic Design

 Launch Date               2021-08-14           Launch Website and Mint First Tokens

 Launch Date               2021-08-14           Mint Star Category Players

       0%                           2021-09-30          Mint Elite Category Players

       5%                           2021-10-10            Mint remaining Player Categories and Token Packs

       10%                          2021-10-14            Onboard Community Support and Marketing team

      20%                          2021-10-24           Manager login portal & Leaderboard

      30%                          2021-10-31            Initiate Social Media and Marketing initiatives

      40%                          2021-11-15             Release Weekly Player Scoring Table 

    Payout                      2021-11-30             First Manager Payouts Scheduled

      60%                          2021-12-31             Incorporate more frequent Payout schedule

    Payout                      2022-01-15            Onboard tech team

      75%                          2022-01-31            Launch Gold/Silver/Bronze Fan tokens

    Payout                      2022-02-28         Second Manager Payouts Scheduled

      90%                         2022-03-15           Incorporate Payouts for Transfer and Loan Fees


  Season 2                    2022-03-31            Launch MLS League

      100%                         2022-05-01            Launch NFT Fantasy Football platform

  Season 2                    2022-05-31            Third Manager Payouts Scheduled

  Season 2                    2022-06-30           Launch Major European Leagues

    Payout                      2022-07-31             Fourth Manager Payouts Scheduled

  Season 3                    2023-01-01              Launch other major sporting codes


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In The Game

Suite 1504, 15th Floor

Chinachem Tower

34-37 Connaught Road

Central, Hong Kong

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